ChiroMedia: Our Story

Our story runs deep.  It started with Dr. Greg Zoldy, CMCC class of 2001 and long-time member of a well-known coaching group in Canada whose clients include some of the most successful, influential, high-volume, principled chiropractors in the profession.  His vision became focused on helping other chiropractors grow and sustain their practices at a world-class level.  This led him on a mission to create a massive web-based system and innovative digital tools. The most notably successful tool was a Digital Signage service called WarriorTV.   

ChiroMedia: Align Your Message

So, what happened?

How did a simple digital signage service “completely change their practice” seemingly overnight? Very easily actually. Chiropractors within the group installed a TV in their reception areas and attached one of our digital signage devices to it. We then created beautiful motion graphic slides, and using smart technology, we updated their devices while they were sleeping. When patients sat in their waiting areas, instead of staring at their phones, watching the news or sports highlights, (or ignoring the printed weekly newsletter), they were educated and entertained with inspiring graphics, fun facts, and additional benefits of chiropractic that they never knew about.  This edu-tainment system and simple messages started generating referrals without the doctors having to do anything other than plugging in our device and letting it run.

Within a short period of time, they started getting more patients. And more patients. And more patients… that STAYED! Not only that, the doctors and their teams spent less time creating and updating their own content and patient education materials.

What did that mean for the doctors?

More patients.  More income.  More time.  More impact.

More peace of mind that they were communicating a message that matters and they were transforming lives.  And they were doing it together! People just got THE BIG IDEA better.

We learned that it worked. We also knew that it could be better, and more far-reaching. From that, ChiroMedia was born!

ChiroMedia is a revolutionary content delivery network for chiropractors that easily helps you align your message and grow your practice.

Everything is powered using an Amazon Fire Stick and a beautiful ChiroMedia digital signage app. Plug it into your TV and let it make your life a lot easier. It really is that simple, and it really does work.

Don't just take our word for it. Read what Dr. Mark Foullong has to say about ChiroMedia:

DrFoullong “For 15 years we’ve been using all sorts of digital sources of patient education marketing in the office and just trying to reach it to our patients, so they get the big idea on what chiropractic is all about while they're in the office, waiting for their adjustment. I can tell you; I love ChiroMedia we've never had anything like it. It's all internet based. It's simple. We plug and play on our Amazon FireTV stick. We get it customized to our office. Our own clinic information is running up there and the thing I love about it is the content is unbelievable. There's motion, the messages are powerful, and it really captivates the people that watch and when I walk past it, it's hard for me not to stare at it and I'm here all the time! So, we absolutely love ChiroMedia and I highly recommend it. I know you'll love it too.”

Align Your Message!

What Makes Us Unique?

It's Made For Chiropractors

Imagine if you could SIMPLIFY & AUTOMATE your Patient Education Systems and increase your New Patient Conversion & Retention Rates, plus boost Patient Referrals by 2X, 3X or even 10X. Introducing ChiroMedia! ChiroMedia is an incredible digital signage solution for chiropractors who want to grow their business. That's who ChiroMedia is made for. Plug it into your TV, turn it on, and let us do the work for you!

We Are A Community

We all need and crave a sense of belonging and purpose. ChiroMedia was created and developed in cooperation with chiropractors (in practice just like you!). To us you are not an end-user, you are our community. Together as a community we are part of a mission bigger than ourselves. Our community will be enriched through personal communication live at events and virtually online. You will have access to our Facebook Private Group so you can connect with us and other docs on the system, give feedback, contribute or get advice. Our goal is to rally and unite chiropractors and help you be more confident and successful in practice and ultimately impact the lives of millions of people.

Everything Done For You!

New patient leads are only invitations to walk through your door; the rest is up to you. You need effective tools and strategies to help you communicate the value and necessity of chiropractic. ChiroMedia is like having your own professional graphic designer, copywriter, presenter software, storyteller and researcher working for you every week, day and month... minus the $120-200 PER HOUR expense or the hours of creating DIY graphics and content on your own. Our professional content library contains 100's of compelling media pieces that educate, inspire and create a warm and encouraging environment for your Practice's members. The library is updated on a regular basis, and is backed by scientific research and facts, plus messages of truth and inspiration from trusted sources, educators and influencers. ChiroMedia helps you create the environment that you want patients to feel. Love, hope, encouragement and healing.

Customize & Collaboration

ChiroMedia is a revolutionary user experience in digital signage. The power, convenience and familiarity of "DRAG & DROP" file management is second nature on ChiroMedia. Uploading your own digital creations and combining them with ChiroMedia's content to customize your own Playlists becomes something that is actually FUN! Creativity at your fingertips! You can even add team members to your account to help you manage what's on your screens.

Free From Ads

Many digital signage offers are ad-driven, meaning that the digital signage company requires you to play ads on their digital TV devices that they place at your location(s).

While that's fine for some, ChiroMedia is ad-free meaning that everything you show is content that you've selected. Ultimately, ChiroMedia is a brand-focused solution built purposefully with healthy living at the forefront.

Intelligent Scheduling

Often times, chiropractic practices want to run multiple devices in different rooms / offices / physical locations. Using ChiroMedia's intelligent content schedule, each device is independent-meaning that you can have different content scheduled to play on different devices at specific times of the day! Testimonials at just the right time before and after Doctor Reports? Family content after school hours? YUP! ChiroMedia will automatically download those Playlists at the designated time you select and automatically start playing them within minutes!

No Streaming Required

Slow internet? Low bandwidth? Connection interruption? We've got you covered! All of our content is downloaded overnight and ready for playing the next day and will play even if your internet drops! You can select from a variety of pre-made playlists that we provide, or you can create your own Playlist medly from any of the content on our system.

Presenter Mode

No other system allows you this Game Changer feature. Use any of the graphics and videos that you are subscribed to (or upload your own) and create your own custom Playlists that you can turn into Presentations. Switch to PRESENTER MODE on your FireTV remote and have TED TALK power! People learn and remember the best visually, and you also teach and influence people better with clear, simple, informative and emotional imagery.

We Are Amazon Approved

ChiroMedia is a downloadable App on the Amazon App store for the FireTV stick and FireTV cube. Why is this such a big deal? Well it pays to work with tech giants who have high standards and great products. Our app has met those high standards and the devices that we run our app on are world class amazing!

Pricing & Details

ChiroMedia Digital Signage App

$67.00 USD/Month

Monthly Subscription

No Contracts. No Upfront Fees.

Subscribe here

ChiroMedia Pro Upgrade 

$147 USD/Month 
Additional Monthly Subscription 

Subscribe Here to Pro

  • ChiroMedia Pro Community Access
  • ChiroMedia Exchange - media sharing group
  • OnDemand MasterClasses, Interveiws & Presentations with Experts, Influencers & Educators
  • Done-For-You Presentations & Dr. Reports
  • Exclusive Trainings, Content & Bonuses to help you MAXIMIZE your outreach, day-to-day patient education & internal marketing.

This is all you need to get started with ChiroMedia…

  • An HDTV (40-65” recommended)
  • Amazon FireTV Stick 
  • Download of our ChiroMedia App from Amazon App Store

*A Wi-Fi internet and electrical connection are also required.

You manage and control the content remotely from anywhere!  Scheduling, uploading and customizing are all at your fingertips through any computer or mobile device connected to the internet.

Get Started

Back Office Screen Previews

Want to see what the ChiroMedia back-end looks like? Here are a few screen previews.


Warrior TV Logo
These highly successful chiropractors implemented ChiroMedia into their practices with amazing results and no regrets! Patient education and has never been easier, and it's beautiful too!  Enjoy higher conversion and retention rates, increased referrals from your patients, and it will save you time and money.  Here are some testimonials!

Dufferin Family Chiropractic Dr. Jessica Willox

"It's really easy to use!"

ALPHA CHIROPRACTIC Dr. Tyler Jones - Port Williams, New Brunswick

“ChiroMedia takes the in office experience to the next level. It’s clean, professional and most of all the message is principled. It is seamless in its use and adding personal slides is effortless.”

Cedar Springs Chiropractic Dr. Mark Del Cantero

"It changes the whole culture of the clinic."